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Market Access

NAMBoard has a primary mandate to facilitate access to market for farmers, specifically this entails linking the various market channels’ needs to what farmers are capable of producing at any given period and in any agro-climatic region of the country. The market may be local or international for all types of fresh produce. The marketing functions of NAMBoard (operating as Encabeni Fresh Produce Market) are carried out in the following formats:

Market linkages

Market demand is ascertained and is then translated by the market, through extension officers to farmers based on the quantities and quality required by the market. The function continuously seeks for new channels to market-produce, including the constitution of produce require.

Logistics Support

NAMBoard provides logistics functions to farmers, mainly transport in suitable vehicles from farmers’ field to Encabeni in appropriate packaging or transit containers.

The transport system, consisting of a well managed fleet of vehicles is coordinated to ensure that produce is as fresh as possible up to the end user (consumer).


As part of ensuring that farmers handle produce properly during and after harvest, Encabeni conducts training of farmers on their farms or at the market, including the demonstration plot. The training is meant to ensure that famers receive good prices for their vegetables as post-harvest handling is as important, if not more important than production itself up to the end user (consumer).

Quality Control

As part of ensuring that famers can access sustainable and well-paying markets, quality control is placed high in the priority list. Strict quantity standards are implemented, so that only the best produce reaches the consumer, farmers are given feedback on their produce, especially that which does not meet the required standards, producing improvement in future supply to the market.

Trading Hours | Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 12:00 NOON | Saturdays 6:00AM - 11:00AM