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Quality Assurance And Food Safety

  FSDU | Market Extension | Banana

The global trends of expanded international trade, increasing consumer demands and significant food scares have led to a profound increase in concerns of food quality. The objective of NAMBoard’s quality assurance is to ensure produce meets proven standards with regards to the produce itself as well as processes such as production, distribution and processing. Quality assurance also ensures the implementation of management systems that provide compliance to customer requirements for food safety and food quality.

At NAMBoard, we aim to consistently provide superior quality produce to our clients by supporting all levels of the supply chain with guidance and services to further enhance value to the process.

We are committed to food safety!

Providing quality produce is one of our highest priorities and our pack house is HACCP certified to ensure our produce meets food safety requirements. Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized management system that identifies, evaluates and controls biological, chemical and physical hazards. HACCP takes on a more proactive approach and relies on prevention to ensure that food is safe to eat, though it is also applied to ensure customers' quality requirements are met.

This has enabled us to maintain and enhance our position in the market place through the sale and export of top quality produce to local and global markets.

Global Gap
NAMBoard’s demonstration plot, situated at Encabeni, is a teaching tool that is Global Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P) compliant. Global GAP is an independent voluntary system that ensures food safety for primary agricultural production.

Through Global GAP our demo plot shows quality in our processes and in the produce, especially focusing on food safety, environment and workers welfare. Our clients have esteemed confidence in our demo plot as we provide transparency and guarantee in our production processes, food quality and safety improvement and reduction in non-compliance risks regarding permitted pesticides, Maximum Residue Limits and other contamination hazards. It also ensures that our clients receive only the best quality fresh produce.