What We Do

What We Offer To Lacal Farmers

Trade & Regulatory Division (Inspectorate)

This function is enabled by the Import and Export of scheduled agricultural products regulation notice No. 8 (Amendments) effective 1st June 2013.

Farmer Support & Development Unit

We operate a marketing extension service that forms part of our farmer support and development through Marketing Extension Officers (MEOs). Our Team is regionally allocated in the country.

Market Facilitation

We Offer market facilitation support to every farmer willing to work with NAMBoard in produce marketing. This Include the signing of farmer Contract to guide the smooth cooperation between NAMBoard and the local farmers.

More Services

Capacity Building For Local Farmers

Farm Input Shop

Through our Farmers Support and Development Unit, we run a fully-fledged farm input shop. We believe that for any farmer to be successful in the agribusiness industry, they should not be delayed by lack of input supplies.

Quality Assurance

In conducting our fresh produce market, we implement strict quality standards where we monitor the quality of the produce from planting phase to post harvesting phase to ensure it meets the market specifications.

Seedling Nursery

We provide quality seedlings through our inhouse nursery service to enhance the horticultural farmers. Farmers are encouraged to visit us Farm Input Shop to place seedlings Orders so that they can get seedlings in bulk.