Farmer Support

The National Agricultural Marketing Board will be hosting roadshows from this Wednesday, the 21st of February 2024. These roadshows will take place at respective packhouses in all the four regions, providing a platform for much needed face-to-face interactions with farmers, prospective farmers, and the youth.

Our interactions will focus on promoting farmer development initiatives with particular focus on access to finance, production technologies, input supplies, market facilitation and registration on the Eswatini Horticulture Information System (EHIS).

The table below presents the list of dates and venues for your appreciation:

Date Venue Region
Wednesday 21 Feb Lavumisa Pack House Shiselweni
Wednesday 28 Feb Msahweni Pack House Hhohho
Wednesday 6 March Siphofaneni LnL Pack House Lubombo
Wednesday 13 March Encabeni Pack House Manzini

Invited stakeholders will include Farmers, Markets, Financial Service Providers, Market Extension Officers, and Officials from The Ministry Of Agriculture. The NAMBoard Delegation will be led by the Development Manager and, employees who will be required to attend have been notified.

Your continued assistance and cooperation is appreciated. As the agricultural sector continues to evolve, NAMBoard remains dedicated to ensuring the success and sustainability of farmers, thereby contributing to the overall food security and economic growth of the country.